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Oh Great Spirit

I love this statue! Since it was dedicated in 2011, I’ve driven by it hundreds of times and every time, “Oh Great Spirit” gets my attention. The arms raised, palms open, and heavenly eye ward reach never gets old.

Located on the corner of Prado Road and South Higuera in San Luis Obispo, the 800 pound, 12 foot tall bronze sculpture was created by Nell Scruggs of Thousand Oaks. The caveat to the sculpture is that the original sculpture by Scruggs is only about 16 inches tall. Her son-in-law, Don Ernst of San Luis, had Genesis Bronze Inc. build three of the sculptures in the 12-plus foot size. Thankfully, Nell’s two daughters, Sharon McDaniels and Teri Ernst, Central Coast residents, donated one to San Luis Obispo.

Why would “Oh Great Spirit” find its way to my real estate blog? I find it to be one many reasons why the Central Coast is a fabulous place to live. From the painted electric utility boxes, to the many farmers market, to the art-in-the park shows, to the many wine and food festivals and Cal Poly’s Christopher Cohans Performing Arts Center, “Oh Great Spirit” is one of many cultural testimonials that make San Luis Obispo County unique and desirable like so few places.