"As a realtor, Wisdom guides my every step. It's important to me that you know the timeless tenets this page espouses will be a part of all I do."

“A wise Realtor will increase learning and attain unto wise counsels.”

“Better a poor realtor who walks in his integrity than one who is crooked in his ways and rich.”

“Without knowledge, even zeal is not good, and the Realtor who acts hastily blunders.”

“Refuse no one the good on which they have a claim when it is in your power to help them.”

“With Wisdom, we will securely go our way, our feet will never stumble.”

Coast and County Realty

Being a realtor means having the ability to understand the buyers’ needs as well as the sellers’ motivation. This makes it a fun and rewarding experience for everyone. My best motto is “keep it simple and honest,” and I have found this to serve me well time and time again.

Living on the Central Coast is being part of a widespread, engaging community. The atmosphere is relaxed, country-like, with a large splash of culture. The people here are laid-back and very friendly. The locals are proud of their little slice of paradise and are always eager to recommend you to places you should not miss.

Every Thursday night the streets in downtown San Luis Obispo host the Farmers’ Market that draws people from all over the county as the streets fill with local fresh products, giant BBQs, live music exhibitions and more. From South County with the lively Strawberry Festival to North County and Hearst Castle, from wineries and breweries to all the local culture in between, the Central Coast is truly a captivating place to live.