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Choosing a Real Estate Agent

Buying a home is likely to be the biggest financial decision most will make in their lifetime. Part of that decision is choosing a Realtor. It’s not wise to roll the dice and just use the first Realtor that is referred to you. First, determine the motivation of the person referring the agent to you. If they have used that agent first hand and had success with them, then you may have found a good agent. You still need to do your research though. If they do not know that agent personally and are only referring them because they will receive monetary compensation, you may need to move on. Perform your own due diligence and be cautious before partnering up with an agent.

Use the internet to your advantage and research any agent you find online. If they have no reviews and no web presence, don’t rule them out, simply ask them point blank why that is. If you sense that their answer is vague or misleading, use your common sense to determine if you should move on. Realtors can have a lot of leverage in determining your success throughout a transaction. In today’s real estate world, things move fast and Realtors have to pay attention. Don’t hire an agent that’s unwilling to do that. There are plenty of great, hardworking, honest Realtors in your area. Find an agent who you’re comfortable with and offers quality, communicative, personable and efficient service. While the old axiom for real estate is location, location, location – my old axiom for agents is listen, listen, listen…and when it comes to choosing an agent, listen to your inner-voice, you’ll be glad you did.